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ive got a super old jigsaw Answered

i have an old jigsaw aperently my great grandfather used when he was young or something anyway im just trying to find out more about it. sears roebuck model 110.0401  .  so far im unable to find anyting anywhere on the internet anyone or anything that knows about this thing. not that im so much looking to sell it or anything i would just like to know more about it.. exactl how old it is and whatnot. so if anyone knows anything it would be cool to hear about it. ty


Jig saw made by Companion Power tools, sold by Sears & Roebuck model # 110.0401 has a 8" square table





8 years ago

If you could post a couple of  pictures of it,  an external view and one from underneath, I could probably tell you in what decade it was made.

Sears is still in business.  Why don't you call the sears service center and give them the number.  They still have it in their records and can tell you more about it.  Sometimes the internet is NOT the best place to find information.  Here you can still go to the original source.  You can probably still get some parts for it and proabably a copy of the manual.

id imagine it'd have a spec plate somewhere ??

all it has is a mod # .. made in usa what not but id like to know how old it is mostley

Well after some research i found that Now called 'Sears' Was originally sears roebuck .

SO you have a seasr jigsaw and another search found

Model #113.29991

Table saw which was dated 1961 because yours is two less thats your model no id imagine Id say its late 50s early 60s

well it is hard to be sure so far from what i was told when it was given to me it is nearly "100" years old but i dont know how accurate that estamate was i just have to imagine that if my great grandpa had it when he was young ....well im suprised it was electric at any rate its old. sadly though i cant read the pat# if i could i mite get a better idea i dono thanks for trying

if its brass like most old plates are try using wd40 or Isopropyl alchohol .. something on that level

the pat# is on the steel housing and was apperently stamped in lightly and i cant read the last few numbers.. ... .. pissing me off most every time i type jigsaw in a search someone wants to sell me a puzzle ...

Well google search and others are boolean Which means they dont use sentances they use keywords So if i type the product no 110.0401 And sears all i find is this question in google . so it might be its super old !

well thanks for helping me search but at this point i think il have to wait to find out thanks again