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ive tried to fix my xbox 360 with all the proper equipment but the 3 red rings still keep showing wots wrong with it ? Answered



8 years ago


The only true fix for the Red Ring of Lights is the X Clamp Fix.

You can buy kits on eBay or all over the internet.

Or you can get all of the parts need at your local hardware store.

The Towel Trick. Maybe that what you mean by "proper equipment"? I've had the red ring problem 3 times, and it's worked every time. Even when I got it after installing the so called "permanent fix". Quick guide: REMOVE ANY DISCS IN THE DRIVE and remove the HD, leaving only the the power plug AND THE VIDEO CABLES plugged into the box. When you wrap the box, make sure the back and sides are well covered, but leave the ring of lights visible. Power it on, wait for all 4 lights to go off, that means it's over heated. Now power it off and don't move it. Let it cool for a few hours. Then take it out of the towels and let it cool for a few more hours at room temp. Plug everything back in and you're all set. Worked every time for me.