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jabroutin- Finalist Answered

jabroutin is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:
personal powerPlant

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Well we didn't win :(, but it was alot of fun trying and we are excited for future instructables projects! Thanks everyone for your comments and enthusiasm.


11 years ago

this is by far the greatest. innovative, useful and petite. i love it.

While I do believe Crabfu's tank to be the coolest project to make the finals and I would judge this one to be the third best on coolness (second being the portable yellow strip), I believe this one has greater merit. I'm not sure if it has any chance of winning against the visceral factor of the other two, but I hope it does.


11 years ago

this is so cute! and multi-functional? awesome!

Nicely done...

pretty sweet!

The focus or our work is to use sustainable means to create new sources of energy - whether through solar, wind, thermo, chemical, human... We believe that these are viable modes of power that need to be looked at critically and taken advantage of more seriously. If we won the laser cutter there are many projects that we could develop or continue to develop, such as the personal powerPlant, and of utmost importance is sharing this learned information with others in forums such as instructables or hosting workshops that teach and disseminate these ideas. All of the collaborators are achitects and designers (and tinkerers by night). Having a laser cutter would be immensly helpful in both of these realms. We have had a taste of working with laser cutter and now we can't live without it!


11 years ago

this is cooler than the iphone.


11 years ago

Had it not been for this contest i probably would have never found this site. So i'm glad i was pointed to it. I'm all for self sufficiency, i hope to see a more powerful versions of this invention in the future!

Jabroutin Rocks!! We should all generate our own power. What does that green blob thing do?

I think you're talking about the batteries -- it's a package of 6 NiMH batteries

what can i say that hasn't been said already....A+

I love the project.. so +1.. However..Is it just me or some of the comments below seems rather fishy... Especially when most of them came from people who's a member since July 9th 2007..hmmm..

I've been noticing that on a few of the projects - I hope there's some sort of IP logging or something involved here.

Wow, you're right. Almost all of them. One comment, no instructables, just joined.. I think some IP address checking needs to be done.

Haha...I think that they should have some kind of equation to only count the new users like, half a vote, so that this doesn't become a popularity contest.

Yeah, that should probably be taken into account. If you had one of those monster myspace accounts or something you could probably round up tons of people to vote for you.

And if the project was developed by a team of people, get all team members, and their friends and their family to register and vote...

I think voting rights (for contests that is) should be selectively allocated.
Either by invitation, or randomly picked members (a couple hundreds perhaps). Others can comment, but only these members can vote. The list of voters and the tallying is transparent, but who votes for what info is confidential.

Yeah, and people who have posted on their websites to join and vote for them, or asked friends and family.

Not downplaying the the project in any way.. But some comments are just over the top. Hail the saviour of mankind!! :)

Absolutely - the project is really cool (and has sort of a science center style to it). I'm not even sure that individual people are encouraging voters - the comments here and on other projects are so non-inventive, even if I joined a site just to vote for something I would at least write something sincere.

I'm not saying it's a bad project, or shouldn't win, either. Just that there may be some fishy rate-getting techniques at play here.

is it really so bad to ask your mom and friends to vote for you to win a contest? isn't bringing new people to instructables a HUGE part of why contests are held in the first place?

or maybe its just that such a wonderfully simply, sustainable energy making solution, that also LOOKS GREAT, was such a terrific idea that even certain regular instructables lurkers (such as myself) decided they just had to join up to vote. Excellent personal powerplant! Go girls!

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I will make it, and then I will make my own power. Thank you smarter people.

It's phenomenal in its simplicity. Rocket-scientists of the world -- LOOK OUT. These talented young ladies may well solve the problems of the world! Great job!

yeah for makers! the next wave of technology will be lead by DIY technologists who share their discoveries.

this is unbelievable. you deserve a laser cutter bravo

i'm on the bandwagon with this. forget the iphone, i want one of these!


11 years ago


What a great concept. This would make Thomas Edison proud. A+


11 years ago

A WOW instructable. Superb!

I have to say this is my favorite for its demonstrative brilliance. Electricity comes from somewhere other than the wall socket, but we forget it all too often. This invention seems to show off how we have a choice: start turning the crank or let the sun do the work.

What an awesome contraption! I especially love those red plexi gears, they really set it off. This would be perfect for charging my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet while on the road or camping.

i like that it is something that everyone can use and operate - its simple enough for kids and older generations to create and still *cool* enough for our tech saavy generation. I want one! Bravo.

I have tried both modes: the hand-crank and the solar panel and both works great. This is my favorite power plant ever :)..


11 years ago

What a great idea!