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jet engines Answered

um yeah just like that guys picture but without the weird background or the guy on the board



The learning curve is actually a lot more of a problem than the $25 dollar price tag (although that's also a problem). Radial compressors used in small jet engines are notoriously difficult to design. But there are books for building jet engines for RC models and there is free software out there for designing turbines and maybe compressors. There is a Yahoo group for home-built jet engines (gas turbines) and you could probably get a better idea of this undertaking there.

Wren turbines (http://www.wrenturbines.co.uk) builds some pretty good micro turbines but they cost towards 2000 dollars rather than 25...

well that was a pretty stupid question to ask but i figured out how thanks for the heads up .but on completly different subject would anyone bet interested in
buying a rocket board and by a rocket board i mean like flying in the air rocket board!!!!!! no joke i know how to build one.email me at jordanmarshall83@yahoo.com

If you explain what the project is, we could help you better.
Is it a RC jet, than your gonna need a little more than 25$.
If its just for a educational project, like showing the basic principals for creating a most basic propulsion engine, it might be doable... but only if your creative enough.

A small Nitro Engine for an RC car cost $50. A nitro powered jet engine is allot more complex then the RC car engine so there is no way you'll find one for $25 or less.

What kind of project is this? Are you trying to make your own RC jet? If so most RC jets on the market use a ducted fan not an actual jet engine.

A fully-functional micro jet engine for $25?

You'll be lucky!

(BTW, nitrogen doesn't burn. Do you maybe mean nitrous oxide?)