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jet engines Answered

i want to built a gas jet engine without the turbocharger!
can u help me with combustion chamber and inside shaft !
and one more question!
how to convert the power of a jet engine in speed!?


What for, what kind of tools & materials do you have?


this is the problem i dont have any matereals ant tools! if u can help me please do it!

The single-most difficult bits to make are the turbine-blades. This is why people use old turbochargers - they don't have to machine the blades.
No materials or tools and you're a bit stuck really ('cos you do need them)


in my country its not so easy to find a turbocharger and if u find it it realy costs a lot! but i dont think that its so hard to make the blades or to get them! i just dont know how to fix them(if i have them)to the interior shaft,and i dont know how to fix the shaft into housing! do u have skype or icq ?

These things run at tens of thousands rpm, they need to be very precisely machined and balanced. An amateur job either doesn't work at all or it breaks trying. A pulse-jet is a bit easier.


i dont want to built a big one but a small one for a go kart! please i know that u can help!

> i dont think that its so hard to make the blades
.  Then you have no business trying to build one. As lemonie pointed out, they have to be (precision) machined and have to be made from materials that will withstand high temperatures and high RPMs without flying apart and sending deadly shrapnel everywhere. Not a project for a first-timer.

> fix the shaft into housing
.  If I understand what you are getting at, then the answer is "you don't". The shaft needs to pass through the housing in order to transport power to the outside. If you don't understand radial and axial thrust (and bearings), then you need to educate yourself or find another project.

i've asked for help not for explication! if u can help me do that!