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i need to know how to build my engine


guys ! help me please! i want to build a gas jet engine without a turbocharger! how i am suppsose to do that!? hel me please! first i thought that tha housing will be made out of steel thermos but i dont know how to build the shaft with bearings! help me please! if u want realy to helmp me please write me on mai email! hreashi@mail.ru or on this forum

Go for a valveless pulsejet. you can get the metal for it at some home improvement stores, if not internet. You're gonna need 0.8 mm 304 stainless steel. look up which type of engine you like, there are the two basics, Focused Wave Engine (FWE), and lockwood. google it.

What will the jet engine be used for and what scale do you need it in. If this is for model airplane jet engines there are plenty of AMA R/C jet forums. If this is a jet engine to power a car or skateboard, you will have to think about the fuel used. I don't know if anyone here has built a jetpack yet.