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Congratulations to Kiteman, and wish him success in his cat food factory.


Cats are evil! That is why I am a dog person. :)

Cats are the best people I've met, blkhawk: clean, loving, grateful, warm, gentle, funny, humming, maneuverable, decorative, beautiful, clean again, and so on. etc.

The egyptians worshiped cats as gods, they scratch if they don't like you and if you cross the path of a black cat you get bad luck. Dogs have saved people, they keep a watchful eye on the herd, they have won medals, they are loyal, they protect our properties and they wag their tails when they see us. I love dogs. Did you know that you can tell a lot from a person depending on the preference: either cats or dogs? ;)

Well, I like cats too! they are low maintenance. the poop in the designated spot, they clean themselves, and you can leave them home alone for the weekend with no adverse effects.

What if you prefer snakes?

Surely they must be tasty cooked.

Some cats are like dogs, in their territoriality. Recently here in Argentina a cat just given birth foiled a robbery / murder, rushing furiously in the face of the assailant.

Surely the preference between dogs and cats means something about the character of the person. I particularly think very ill of those who take the issue as a flag to which defend, openly taking sides against the "enemy" faction. I prefer cats, but I get along great with dogs. In fact, stray dogs often accompany to me a long way.
Algunos gatos son como los perros, en cuanto a su territorialidad. Hace poco acá en Argentina una gata recién parida frustró un robo / asesinato, lanzándose furiosa a la cara del asaltante.

Seguramente que la preferencia entre perros y gatos significa algo acerca del carácter de la persona. Yo particularmente pienso muy mal de quienes toman la cuestión como una bandera a la cual defender, tomando partido abiertamente en contra de la facción "enemiga". Yo prefiero los gatos, pero me llevo muy bien con los perros. De hecho, los perros callejeros suelen acompañarme un buen trecho.


He is such a p........ Here kitty kitty...