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julietcool is spamming for "contacts" Answered

I have reported the two PM's I got, and blocked the person. 

Has anyone else gotten pm's from julietcool?    



8 years ago

I got one a while ago, and I think it was from her. I flagged it and it was deleted from my inbox by an admin before I could look at it again. It went something like "H im glad we are friends would you please contact me at my email" and I dont remember after that.

Well if this is her email than I definitely got one: Julietyormie@hotmai.fr

Also, it seems like everyone here who got one is a pro member. Hmmm...

Recently?  Best contact an admin, because her account had been deleted.

He may have just discovered it though :-) 

I did, I just deleted the message and flagged it.

Crikey, the woman's desperate - who hasn't she messaged?


Somebody acted fast.  If the spelling and capitalization are correct, there is no such I'bles member (error 500).

.  I tried "Julietcool", "JulietCool", and "Juliet Cool" and got "ERROR 400: no member: Julietcool" errors. Unless GH really screwed up the spelling, I'd say the fiend is gone.

And without having to post a question about "how do I delete my account?" ;->

Perhaps we should use this as a nice case study for that question?

You truly do find the good in everything.

Perhaps I should change my usename to Pangloss?

I think you should stay with kelseymh. Wait, I know you should.

I don't always "play well" in person ;-) 

I "copy/pasted" it since spell checker would be of no use with this ;-) 

Yeah, I blocked them from sending me any more stuff ( I still have the PM's if you'd like to see one...they are both the same wording).    When I looked for the profile I saw they were already  vamoosed  :-) 

I'll bet they "acted" before I "reported"   :-) 

Yeah, once they realized you were going to report them they got out of here. The problem is they may just make a new profile!!!

I got three, er, invitations from the dear lady.

By the time I saw them, though, "her" account had already ceased to exist, so I didn't bother reporting them.

Well, look at you as compared to me... She might be desperate enough to make a pass at a camel, but big ears and youthful-looks are obviously her thing.


So how do you explain my 2-3 ?   I have a grey beard  LOL 

Well, hedging bets comes to mind, perhaps she likes mature types also.


LOL   that is IF it was a female..... >:-) 

Well, I suppose, I suppose it hardly matters he/she.



Lol when I got it I thought it was sent to me because my age which pops up here and there amongst my comments, but sending it to Goodhart (no offence) seems to rule that out.

And oh god, you'd have to be desperate to make a pass at a camel.

She might try coming back on a different account, if there's a way to do so, you may want to send a message to all members to keep on the watch for somebody like her.

Yeah,  I flagged and blocked her, and then found out she was  "no more" already

No. And I've tried everything and I can't seem to find that members profile. Whoever it was they really high-tailed it when you posted this forum topic. Nice thinking :)

They had been eliminated before I even posted it seems.....

Wow!!! They must have sent the emails and then ran, they didn't even wait for the forum topic!!!! THat's just ridiculous.

Well, since their profile was "deleted",  I would give the credit to the staff for that, I would think.