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just to clarify Answered

I was granted a 3 month membership for a featured instructable I did, then I got a one year membership for being a contest runner up, then i got another 3 month membership for another featured Ible.

so my questions are these..

do the memberships run concurently (do i now have 18 months of pro membership) or does the largest one override the others (do i only have 12 months)?

Do I need to wait until one pro membership is up before entering the next membership redemption code, or can I enter them as I get them and my account will be updated with the additional time earned?


If you enter them all at once (ie now), they'll run one after the other, the system will switch from one to the next at the appropriate time.

Mine did not.
I had a pile of them I claimed when the next gift membership was to automatically start the tab entitled "pro membership" disappeared with all the gift memberships about six years worth.

Have you sent e-mail to service(at)instructables.com? That is definitely not supposed to happen, and someone on Staff needs to (and will) fix it.

Great. It can take them a day or so to reply (look at the About page and you'll see just how small the Staff is), but they should be able to resolve your problem.

If you go to your "You" page, and click on the "Pro Memberships" tab, you'll be able to see what your current pro membership is, your upcoming ones, and ones you've yet to redeem.

The problem is, you do not see the expiration date nor can you figure it out. I only see when my first Pro membership was started and have no idea when it expires, the one year has since gone.

Interesting. Yeah, I just found out that I see slightly different information then you do. Let me see if the dev team might not mind updating that.

Actually, I spoke too soon. You're the only person I'm seeing with the problem...Most everyone should be seeing what I see.

Don't worry too much about that, its like the 1 new message-no message counter thingy , but you are probably busy with more important things like trying to corral those "Downfall" videos popping up.

I thought those videos were funny and passed them along too. Though, I am kind of surprised that we don't have an instructable on making your own. Though, I think it might be difficult to pull of tastefully and well.

ty for the fast, acurate responses