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just took my 2 year old girls out of daycare & need help thinking of things we could make together to keep them bussy? Answered

i'm on a low budget soo i need some ideas of things that are around the house to make things they are 2 years old twin girls and i want them to be able to get involed with out getting too messy but i do understand that thats part of the fun!!! thanks i lost my job and could not afford daycare anymore soo i want them to learn still any help would be great!!



Try the simple stuff - building block towers, and knocking them down - going outside and exploring (hunt for rocks, leaves, bugs .... ) - story time (books about animals are my kids' favorite) - playing and singing silly songs - obstacle courses are also fun (things to run around, crawl under) I made one for my kids in the back yard with a few plastic cones, a couple hula hoops and some bits of rope. The hardest part was getting them to go one at a time! They can tell when you are bored so try to find something that interests you too. :)

Paperclip necklaces color clothespins w/ markers.. make faces on them, etc. make paper plate masks plant a little flower in a cup decorate a picture frame tissue box guitars :) macaroni pictures/necklaces get alphabet magnets and play on the fridge paper mache coloring books and crayons dress up stuffed animals and name them OR make outfits for each other and dress up make a princess fort get fabric markers and decorate pillow cases stitch up old fabric pieces and make bean bags w/ rice inside theres TONSSS of stuff you can come up with.. endless lol have fun! :)

You could make playdough creatures, sculptuers, or even people with them. If you know how to sew you could make stuffed animals with them.


8 years ago

the library is a really good one. they do tons of kid stuff and will probably have a calendar set up of everything they offer. also check with the town hall they probably have info on classes and local play groups and stuff like that. just set up a schedule for each day and display it. kids love that and it helps their need for structure.

Cornstarch and water makes an awesome non-Newtonian fluid. If your kids like to get a little messy. When you hit it, the fluid acts very solid but when you put your hand in it gently, it acts like a vicious fluid.

Todays daycare in the UK is far more structured and educational than it used to be becuase OFSTED (Inspectors of Education) now assess their provision to make sure kiddies are given a chance to develop. So either look at a website by educators and/or daycare providers and see what their timetables are. You will have the flexibility to be not so rigid and so if your childs imagination is capotured by a specific activity you can indulge your child more. Alternatively pop into your local daycare and ask them for their timetable of activities. Try and hook up with someone else so that the social aspect can be achieved, ie your child playing with other children of approx the same age. Great for you too to talk to other adults! Good luck!

Doing stuff around the house is important, but so is the wider world. Libraries and your local town's art or community center will all have activities suitable for toddlers. Since you've got Internet access, definitely check your local online resources.

Messy is inevitable with two year olds (my 15-month-old is already extraordinarily good at it!), and in fact they don't learn effectively without it. Messy means that they are learning about cause and effect, how their actions affect the world around them (and that their actions can have affects at all). If you don't let them change the world, the lesson they take away is that they have no power, control or autonomy.

If you can't bear stains on your priceless 15th Century handwoven Persian rug, either get it out of the room or spread out some old bedsheets to cover it. If you don't want your daughters' mini prom dresses getting paint on them, put them in beat up t-shirts and shorts instead. If your grandmother's heirloom dining table mustn't ever be scratched, put a blanket over it and then lay a plywood board on top of that for the little ones.

You should be able to find a lot of great ideas right here on Instructables, in the Kids section. The very first Instructable listed under the "zeitgeist" (popular) section has twenty suggestions which are directly relevant to your question. There's lots and lots of information; good luck!