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kid died from drinking too much soda Answered

last day i read in an artical that this kid died from drinking too much soda. do you think is true or fulse?




9 years ago

Does your space-bar not work? Y/N?

Bumpus is referring to these words: thiskid & trueor
this kid & true or, respectively.

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It might be hard to find by those interested because of the spelling Aieroplane
I normally see it spelled as Aeroplane

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I would end up not having much to say or post I am afraid. It is a bit more of an expense that I couldn't afford....sorry.

I was clarifying Goodhart's answer for you.

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What is it about, whats 'boting' ?

isn't that where you sit around discussing & writing net-bots ?

are we talking about the instructables groups? if so there's not much those things do Really, its just a user designed category of instructables

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