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killerks Answered

i wish all these new knexers would stop copping killerks gun all the remakes are driving me nuts what about you?


I know that that gun is so !@£? I hate it now

yea i make really good block triggers

ALL block triggers are horrible, try a true trigger, or better yet, a sear system

Killerk's isnt that great now, its just good for a knexer's first gun now....

i dont make only block triggers have you seen my sniper rifle its true trigger

im gonna post instructions some time and its not a killerk copy i got it off youtube and it was a lot smaller so i modded it you should check out my youtube vids its 291jd87 just type that in

and plz check out my site its 291jd87.webs.com

i dont want to rain on anyones preraide but there not killerk's copys but "your name here"'s cannon

huh? what little tiny knex gun aka the first knex gun on this site gun?

they amy be but i wish people would be more creative

most nonkillerk copys are to complicated, also i just want to say block triggers are just fine, for us not knex masters

well. some are good but i hate most of them. theirs nothing special about them.