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knex AK-47 mods Answered

before i post instructions for mods in my knex AK-47 i will post them here and ask you if you want them. so far the mods i have are : new butt balljoint in front grey connector in front to stop the barrel form bending frucher mods: mag will replace hand guard anything else i can think of lol


Nor is your ability to read the dates of when topics are posted. Actually look at when things are posted. There is no stone-set rule, but as a rule of thumb, just don't revive any topic that is older than a couple months old. That'll save us all a lot of grief.

Why!? I'm simply looking at other K'nex guns. And I have full ability to read, I'm sorry if I "shouldn't" of posted that comment.

Why? Because what you're doing is called "necro posting" or reviving a once dead topic. These topics do not need any further discussion because the vast majority of such topics contain obsolete creations that aren't worth discussing, even if you yourself have yet to. This creation is one such with a topic that should be left dead. Clearly it's not very good, it's three years old, so you provided little to this board by stating that. Perhaps one of the 'ibles regulars will come by and say "Oh, don't worry about it, post as you wish," but it's not that we're really hurting you by requesting respectful posting, but you might bother us to continue posting in topics like this. It's not that we mean to be rude, it's just that we appreciate helpful posts in recent topics. You'll catch on.

You've been here for 4 years and I have been here for 24 days. I'm sorry if i've offended you.

What you should do is: Put a magazine on it and make it fully auto. The easiest system is that of bakenbitz94.

that system is not powerful enough. He should mod Knexagon's semi-auto with his own RBG mechanism, and build a REAL mag. then that would be BEAST full auto