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knex HALO weapons!!! Answered

This forumn is about the production of knex halo weapons. Its bout designing and making actuall working replica s of HALO GUNS!!!! :D YAY


Ive got an idea for a Real semi-auto knex true-trigger pistol. cogs (trigger) pull back a hammer,then let go.

knex HALO weapons!!!

geekiest thing ever said.now you want to combine long nights alone staring at the tv and your toys.o....m.....g. (waits for barrage of insults)

I'm no Halo fan myself , But I don't dis it Ill bet the only you hate K'nex is because you have to use creativity

i got a girlfriend no lone nights for me lol... but in the mean time i make weapons so not all of us are geeks... and i really dont care if there are geeks they are part of this world too man....

they are a big important part of the world

without them we wouldn't have a PC to surf instructables lol... and im half geek too....

yep yep think about all the stuff they imvent

yeah, without them we couldetn even watch TV XP

jeez dude, why do you go off like that after 1 comment. 1 sentence sets you off on a crazy rampage. thats why our world is defective. you need to settle down.

The only reason i cussed you that much was cuz i was already PISSED OFF and when i read your petty message i GOT MORE F*&%N PISSED OFF.

So don'nt send me crap if you don't want me to retaliate with worser crap!!!!!

Yeh i know ive already seen that vid its pretty good. Ive already built his Battle Rifle/ shotgun its ok, not his best gun........denitly not his best!! his name is TOMBOY RME



how about a needler

there already is a gun designed after a halo gun

Im starting this topic off!!! what do you guys think will it be the battle rifle or the m60d pistols !