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knex L96 scope Answered

Okay, I need a little help on a Knex l96 that I am making, and will hopefully post. Any ideas?


hey, its not the best scope, but you can always use the one in my ible for the L96A1!!! :P

This was canceled a long time ago, but i have a new project that I have that in mind for.

Have a look at my L96 slideshow, you should be able to make my scope from there, if this isn't too late.

i made a scope, it doesn't look exaclty like an l96 scope, but can easily be modded to resemble one. i mean real easliy. if you want, i can post a picture of it. if you want, send me a pm and i can help you along the way. i am also working on an l96a1 right now, and mine is almost finished. good luck!

sweet, can you post some pics of the sniper? also, when you say sure, do you want me to help you by pm or what? check my orange board, i posted some pics of my l96a1. i think mine looks really cool to.

just tell me when you get the pics up! did you see the pics on mmy old orange board? comment on my forum ob