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knex M16 Answered

Here it is my knex M16 auto reload,true trigger,and its cool! : ) plz tell me if i should post



6 years ago


i mean it looks okey but the handle is wierd

I like it.. it has potential. I would be concerned about the stock though. The stock bows in that picture.

this gun is fugly

this gun was made years ago when it was cutting edge technology. in conclusion YOU ARE A DIPSHIT

go ahead. You dont have to keep asking if it should be posted. If it has a true trigger, It's good enough for me.


10 years ago

Very long but i like m16s

i may build it from the pics. If i do can i post instructions?

Ok im going to build it after school And then i will make my instructable about it.

i built it except for the barrel extension.Mainly because im at my dads and most of my knex are at my moms house.so the instructions will be posted around febuary 20-27th so be on the lookout for it

its march 9th and u still have not posted the extinsion

sorry i had a big report to do for school and i couldnt work on it i may have time to post it later

well my camera is at my moms house so 2 more days and i will post a pic

yea and i also just took a picture of it so it will be a few hours then i will post a picture i hope

O.K. sounds good what's the range of yours what firing pin did u use

well here is a pic of it and dont worry more pics will come tomorrow


Why should i change the mag it works perfectly?Oh well i will include both in the instructable.

Ok i have taken half of the pics now but my camera died so a few days and the instructable will be up

sorry my mom went on vacation and took the camera with her. she will be back tomorrow

what happens if you don't like it?.... that'd be kinda akward....with your name and all

i think my M16 is still better

OK, so maybe i have been a bit harsh, this actually looks OK. By auto-reload, do you mean magazine?