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knex ML9 missle launcher from halo series Answered

Recently i was glancing at my halo 3 owners manual and was on the page w/ all the weapons, when an idea struck me in the head. Why not build a missle launcher? it would be a first to the site, i mean right? If you like it maybe i will post. don't forget to rate and comment!


v1 = doesnt look anything like it but looks powerful
v1.2 = awesome and strong

sooo... CAN YOU POST IT!!!!!!!!!

I just flagged my own comment and deleted it.

LoL well thats why I made 4 other versions...

Sorry, didn't look at other versions. THEY look cool. But are the track pieces required?

no, but i took it apart from other bad comments and for lack of peices. i can try to invent something better after i mod my sniper? its okay


i took it apart but i will get around to building a better one some time.


10 years ago

SPECTACULAR post it please

i am sorry you should of said sooner. i took it apart a while ago. but check out my other gun, the sniper rifle.

shotgun and sniper 005.JPG

go ahead and please post itll be a nice adition to my halo three turret