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knex armor Answered

not really much to say but it is usually only able to let skinny people wear it


Yeah, I am. I have other hobbies now (mostly airsoft/gaming, especially with the Reclaimer Trilogy being announced and partially released), but I still go to K'nex when I feel like I'm in the mood. I didn't really get any skill in the last few years, but I do try. I still have a half-finished gun somewhere in my closet I never got around to following the rest of the instructions for.

Yeah. My problem is that I can think up an idea, but the image of it will crumble when I start getting it together. I can't remember bits and pieces of it, so it just falls apart (literally and figuratively). I'm thinking about re-building this armor to be more sleek (I have the right forearm done/posted) to try to warm myself back up to Instructables.

Thanks! I'll try to get some inspiration, Chemistry is getting annoying every night and I never really have much time.

is it me or has something gone seriously wrong with your camera?

Four years later... looking back... I see your comment and think it's hysterical. I doubt that you meant the comment for humor, but thank you for making my day.


9 years ago

come on post it.

A year and a half later, i start the post of this armor set. You might want to check my account, I posted one of the arms of this armor, but more detailed and definitely better. every month or so I may post a new piece, but no promises.

srry long since been demolished and it was way to hard to make so i would end up accidently forgetting how to make it after taking it apart

also it took like 3 or 4 days to perfect and that was only the body the helm took 2 days and the arm took like 1 day not including the hidden blade which took like 1/2 a day