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knex automatic gun Answered

hey guys, i was looking around and found out that people have been trying to develope a knex automatic weapon, so meanwhile i was lloking around on airsoftmegastore for a gun and any info on what type of gun i should get. anywho, i looked in the player resource center and under what gun is right for me. What does this have to do with knex? well i found this gif. diagram and thought i would share it with everybody to get a possible idea of how a real automatic gun works to develop a knex version. i figured it wouldnt be to hard to convert almost a similar version to knex, if some one more experienced could make it with this info. i would be highly appriciated, if not i would only be able to try this in the summer cause of school.

heres a link to see the gif. mech move: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/kb_results.asp?ID=4
hit ctrl+ a couple times to see the pic better, and ctrl- to zoom out. you will have to scroll down a bit to see it. 


I've tried making a couple but it's not really practical. If you want it to fire fast, you have to gear the gun in a way that makes it pull back weaker, and if you want to make it stronger, you have to gear it in a way that makes it so slow that you'd be better off with any old K'nex gun. When your choices are fast firing with a range of 3 inches or slow firing with a better but still disappointing range, then you might want to try something else.

We've done this before, a rack and pinion set up. The problem is you can't make one that's very powerful. We're also trying to develop one that doesn't require a motor or a crank. I have an idea that's similar to real automatic firearms but I still lack an important part that no one has been able to help with yet.

A sensitive trigger for a rubber band gear/cog mechanism. The basis for my idea is that a rubber band from the previous shot would trigger (literally) the next shot. So this means that one lone rubber band needs to overcome the force of the trigger. The problem with most RBG mechs that we have is that you need to resist the force of multiple bands to pull the trigger. But if we had one sensitive enough that you only needed to pull it by a couple millimeters, it would be cake making it work.

My plan for this was by creating a master control that would be attached to the trigger and override the main mechanism so that puling it will start a chain reaction (the ammo firing and setting off the next shot over and over) and releasing it will overpower and stop that chain reaction.

Well yeah, obviously we'd need to figure out the trigger, but for now we need to make the RBG mechanism before we even worry about how the trigger will work.

But as far as ideas go, I'm thinking we could maybe make it like a semi auto trigger (if you ever looked at oodalump's first semi auto). You would pull the outer trigger back to push the piston against the inner trigger but as soon as you draw it back far enough, it releases from the outer trigger and is free to move on its own until you let go of the outer trigger, in which then it would prevent the piston from moving.

yeah, the more i thought about this the more i thought it wasnt that practical