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knex ball machine contest Answered

a knex ball machine contest. there will be 3 types of ball machines there is

smallest ball machine,  most ball machine elements,   and biggest ball machine.  submit an instructable and i will anounce the winners. when we have enough knexers submit thier instructables. the 3 winners will get a sub from me;)    


I'll enter as biggest ball machine my only ball machine posteet jet: https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-ball-machine-Crazy-1/

i make smallest (i gonna win xD)

has to be new

Do they have to be new ball machines? (created after this post). Or can they be old ones?
Caus enyone can enter eny of their ball machines like this... (just like i could enter my cyclo.)

I'm still working on my 5m 50cm tall one, but i got examinations now and got no time to finish it.

yeah its still open

Is it still open??

ill enter my project dynamite for small


8 years ago

i enter my one, ballatron...

is it for smallest or most elements????????????

ehhhhm, bit of both... id say most complex...

not sure i guess i will put it 4 small

No presentation? No picture? No prize? Whats the point. It sucks.

This is an awful timing for me. I planned on postphoning my project till half june because of the examinations at hand.