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knex bank style safe Answered

this is my new knex safe. it is called a bank styled because it looks like one and has an extreemly thick back wall made up of 5 layers of knex. yes i did just say 5 layers!!! however it does have some bad points, i made the mechinism to big and almost stops the door opening sou you have to push or pull it to get it open .second  it only has 16 combinations. third the door is easy to take of its hinges. fourth it has little room inside as the mechinism takes up a hell of alot of room.if you want instructions you can either heve istructions for this or saw the ride.


sorry peoples i built the safe i wen to post it today but then my sis stepped on it and broke the whole roof so i really dont feel like rebuilding anymore sorry

Huh????? It can hold my wieght without breaking?????? But im prety light

how about not and i can do whatever i want i dont have to have your permission

Calm down. I made this safe so posting it without my permission is basically stealing. Just put 'slithien made this safe' in the intro that's all I'm asking for.

the whole safe and they edzactly match the photos and if u dont post them i will because this is a very nice locking safe

Ok, I will give you permission to post it if you say 'slithien made this safe not me I made the instructions' or something saying I made it in the text in the introduction.

thanks for the pics and to let u all know ive built it and i WILL post it very soon

What, have you built it from these pictures???

Post it man! You got one hell of a good safe there! :-)

Omg!!!! You like annoying orange!!! U have pic of the lemon!!

if u subscribe me u will get the instructions but if u dont u will not

sorry people but no instructions as i have started a huge never done before knex project.

i could probable rely on this safe...hmm..

Please post! This would make an easy ible. Just post a pic of every layer.

nicee very impressive. It looks extrememly sturdy but i would recommend modifying it so it works better and then definantly post it! i'll give it 5*s!

16 combinations is better than I could do. This looks like a good safe.


8 years ago