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knex bullpup style guns Answered

this site REALLY needs some more bullpup guns(instructions to)
sorta like the FAMAS(a bullpup design rifle)
so do what u can to try at least making 1


bullpup guns r only advantageous if the length of the barrel increases the weapons effectiveness
for instance a tube and stick style is not good for bullpup design
but a slingshot system would be allowing the full length of the gun to be used as the barrel length
so i see no need of using a particular style of gun unless it is advantageous to the design
sry that all probly sounded confusing but hopefully some of it made sense

KK knows his Knex guns.

So yeah, if people are going to build a bullpup, it better be a slingshot. And to be a bullpup, it needs a magazine (behind the handle). I don't know if any repeating slingshots have been made. And I wouldn't design one. A repeating slingshot is worthless when you have standard and turreted repeaters.

So really, there will almost certainly never be a good bullpup Knex gun.

i think one has been made. it is a shotgun. i built it when i was 6 and it shot 100 feet. i added a stock to it. it was on youtube (knexguntutorials). he has lots of knex guns.

So you basically mean that bullpup guns are bullsh**t?  I would disagree. 

Why are there two asterisks in there?  ;)

Late reply...
Because he said "Bullshoot". LOL

I'm saying they will be useless in comparison to simple repeaters.

Again, I disagree.  If done right, you can dual wield bullpup guns with the right design.

You can dual wield anything that isn't too big. But you shouldn't because it makes priming and reloading horrible.

Meh, if you design it right and put enough shots in, you might not have to reload.  Priming could be fixed with a modded version of PD's dual pistol rams.

Then why not just make a normal repeater/turreted do all those things?

Because we can.  Well in all reality, the only turreted gun that I see that can use PD's dual pistol rams is Mepain's turret pistol.

I said to make one.

Now, I really don't know what you're implying when you say: "the only turreted gun that I see that can use PD's dual pistol rams is Mepain's turret pistol." To me, it sounds like you're trying to say that repeaters/turreted are somehow just as far away from being dual-wieldable as slingshots are. Please clarify.

And I don't want to hear the "because we can" argument. Both of us could spam "because we can" all we want and it won't do anything for either argument.

Oh ok.  I misunderstood you.

What I mean is that the pins on most turreted guns are not fitted right for the dual pistol rams.  The BR's pin is 2 connectors long, which is not long enough for something like PD's dual pistol pins.  If you mod it to have his pins in there, you would also have to change the pin guide, and it would not hit the turret unless you move it back, then it wouldn't rotate because of the gray rod on the side of the barrel.  You CAN make dual wieldable turret guns, but only certain ones can hold the required firing pin.  Besides, for it to be practical, it would have to be pistol-sized.  If you can name another turret gun that can take PD's dual pistol rams, I will take all this back.

Eh, fine.

That wasn't really what I asked. This is about slingshots. I'll just ask the question that should end our debate:

What is more likely to be made:
A good dual-wieldable turreted gun.
Or, a good dual-wieldable slingshot.

Dual-wieldable implies repeating, and with a method to prime the guns easily. Good implies range/ROF/capacity.

Some "Pseudo semi autos" are basically repeating slingshots.  In my opinion.

it mite work if someone puts a real bullpup gun mech inside a knex 1 (lol)

It makes perfect sense...
To sum it up slingshots are about the only type of guns that can really benefit from it. Most stocks on real fire arms are a little over a grey rod long. This usually means that to get max power out of a bullpup gun you'd need the firing pin to stick out the back or to have a really long stock. About the only way you can make it somewhat effective (and it would still be a rather long stock) is to make it a bolt action gun so that the ammo is pushed farther into the gun. I made something like this and it worked but it's still not too practical.

I think the handle should be near the front of the gun on a bullpup, and the cocking handle would start in the mid part and go into a stock like a classic gun.  If the pin is done right, you can dual wield guns.


7 years ago

ive made one in looks like the machine gun from lost planet but with a straight mag

I'm working on a Bullpup weapon and it looks pretty sweet but the only problem is that the rod (Ramrod gun) is too short s oyou need to attach two with a connector . i did that and now i've got a slow firing short distance gun but i'm trying to improve it.

i made one of these when i was about 2 years old, and it shot 307 feet!

I know! And if it was a machine gun..... Ohhhh man.....

i'm now making the t.a.r 21

Dang you!!! That was so my idea... oh well I wouldn't have had the pieces anyways. Is there some PDR inspiration? Anyways it looks really good so yeah expect 5* if you post.

I made this gun from your PDR
I used your trigger system (because it rocks) i little modded it (it is smaller)
and I used a different cooking mechanism (just a simple orange con)
the slide show will come up today but the instruction later this Xmis holiday
thank's that you like it
it gives me a great feeling to hear that from you
PS i will give credits to you

2 words: (1) EPIC!!!!!
                 (2) POST!!!!!



8 years ago

bullpup guns we need: steyr aug a1, fn 2000, famas and more...

Too much MW2.

Even though there is no such thing as too much CoD.

lol, are u posting ur mp5k?

J-Chode did a steyr aug a1, and a famas has been done a few times, Mykhalio did an FN2000.

with instructions and working mags

fn 2000 no mag, aug a1 no instructions and same with a famas

If I remember, the FN2000 had a RBG mech, so it technically is a repeater, AUG A1 did have instructions (I think)

the aug had no instructions

how about we all stop freaking out finding complicated ram mechanisms and slap a knex rbg gun mech in a bullpup design knex gun
(then it would be true semi auto and it would still have"mag in back,handle in front")
good idea,eh?

i guess it would make sence to make it a slingshot gun,then u would not have a firing pin sticking out of the stock and u could use a full length barrel