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knex calliber and mm statistics Answered

All typical ammo is here for knex guns it has the part name, the mm length (millimeter) and calliber. enjoy :-) peice mm calliber green rod- 17 - .67 gray connector- 23 - .91 green rod in gray connector- 32 - 1.26 white rod- 32 - 1.26 oodammo- 48 - 1.89 blue rod- 54 - 2.13 yellow rod- 85 - 3.35 red rod- 130 - 5.12 grey rod- 192 - 7.56 if you would like any added to the list leave a comment if your ammo is not up there and you want me to do the conversion leave me a comment and the piece type thanks for viewing


So a grey rod is 7.56mm long, or what is that measurement?

sorry i had spaces in there when I uploaded, but when it posted the spaces went away. the first column is mm and the second is caliber (the number ones) a gray rod is 192mm and 7.56 calliber(which yes is basically the inches) but there is an exact formula.

Oh, ok. Then this is invalid as the calibre is the width, not length, of the round.

i dont believe so because there is a formula, i possibly might have done wrong, if what you say is correct then the formula 12.7 over .50 is equal to millimeters over calliber might be incorrect. possibly the mm measurement is of width also, thank you for that information. then theretically all ammo (except cannon and oodamo) have the same calliber. hmm...

Erm, no. I have used .22 ammunition, it is .22 inches WIDE, not long. The same goes for 5.56 and 7.62 ammunition.

whats cool is that .22 ammo fits in knex holes....  but that would be way to dangerous to make a gun for knex... 

I know because I fit in the shell left from one of my shots.

It wouldn't even work that well, because there's no way to make a seal.

And it would blow your hands off. 

hey dont know if your responding still but here goes... isnt ammo measured caliber by mm. ie .22X32mm

No, it's inches.

yea but arent inches same as calliber? like .22 cal is .22 inches?

hmm well then there goes this great thing, oh well. i might as well do it up for oodammo and cannon ammo though. its probably the same conversion. i know browning 303 cals are 7.9mm and that .50 cals are 12.7mm. maybe this could be used exclusively to knex weaponry though. just for measurment and statistics. yea my big ideas...

Sorry for the double post, but yes, they do all have the same calibre, around 4.5mm I think.

What about the ammo I use in my rifles:
-Gray Connector+Green Rod+Orange Connector
-Gray Connector+Green Rod+Orange Connector+Green Rod+Orange Connector

I will get on it, and probably re-due this whole thing considering it is incorect...  the mm lengths are right but the caliber is incorect, ( I used the wrong conversion) so... probably by the end of the week, I will have it up and the whole thing re done. and by green rod you mean the little ones right? not the metalic red rods that are green?

try oodammo, and cannon ammo.

what cannon ammo, like IAC war cannon, and i will update shortly with oodamo.

yeah IAC ammo.

which version of his cannon? I know that there are at least 2 different ones, or do you just want both?


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