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knex color variations ? Answered

what are all of the variations of Knex colors of the same type. I have 3  different colors of the longest rods and  multiple different colors
of other pieces   


Josehf Murchison

4 years ago

There is a long explanation.

I will try to be short.

Plastics are mixed to make the colors

Sometimes different runs different colors.

The mixing is not perfect so the color can vary during the extruding process, this is more of a slight variation that is hard to see unless comparing side by side.

Not all the parts are made by the same factory, different factory different mixing.

The same part made six months or a year apart with the same specks may require a change in the mix for a number of reasons to long to get into.

And then there is to old attitude, "It's a toy, that's good enough".

I hate the, "That's good enough," attitude, it kills.

And last, "Hey lets try blue, maybe they will like it better."


Josehf Murchisonsonic broom

Answer 4 years ago

Your welcome.

Oh and I really hate the, "That's good enough." more than "Lets try blue".