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knex fal and my tr18 Answered

Oke now it got the highest rating that can be.

So it's got to be time to post it.

Give me some time to remake it(i also have to inprove the trigger because it didn't work that well).

If there are some things i have to add or change tell me.

So this gun will be post


Here are also soem pics from my tr18


the bands will work better and last longer if you place them as i have pictured


could you look at my tr18 topic and tell me if its up to date, thanks... also i got the band placement right now, thanks!

no problem! it should allow for your pieces and bands to last so much longer than they otherwise would have


7 years ago

love the tr18!

nice tr, i like the stock :)

Finally you're posting it!

I like the stock on your TR. Is it comfy?
And I can't wait for the FAL. It reminds me of Zak's 6gun thing.

Nice tr18

yayayayayayyayay! A decent weapon!