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knex fourm Answered

I might make my own forums for knex Here i will trust everyone to say all they like and only remove the reply or topic if you request Plus there will be carton category were it is ONLY for the "should i post?", that you can only reply yes or no And i will try to make vote-able treads so you can do surveys and asking "what should i make?" Ect. Tell me what you think. p.s it will not be like knex innotervation.


...Dude I'm already working on a forum. I wouldn't bother. I already have enough experience and have a game plan set.

Um what? I thought that meant not being able to read/write/etc. so what do you mean will you be able to use incorrect grammar or what?

Stupid spell checker

I mean a different word that I cant spell that means tell me more.

iliterate? I think thats it. Its pronounced E-Lit-er-ate, not E-litter-it.

Oh... lol I was going to say can I (adj.) not able to read and write? Was that supposed to be an insult or... yeah uh I think I have a thread about it somewhere. The whole basic idea though is that I take ideas from you guys because I'm hoping to get everyone that doesn't care for KI. I want to move past instructables but I know there are stubborn people who hated how KI was set up and I'm going to make them understand I'm going to make mine different. It will be Democracy based so unless for the better in every way, shape, and form I will usually hold polls and ask you guys what we should do with the forum. Basically my job (and whoever else I decide to make one) as admin would be to make sure everything is working and add features and nothing else. I will still have "peacekeeper" mods but they won't have any more authority than what the rules say. If you want exactly everything I'm planning to do then I can PM you. By the way if you would be willing to be a Moderator that would be great as you seem to have some of the best grammar and the best attitude along with a strong sense of morality and justice.

you seem to have some of the best grammar and the best attitude along with a strong sense of morality and justice.

Thank you! For sure I would be up for being a Mod. Im not too good with computers, so we will have to see if I can work it out once its up. But for sure, yes!

Lol no worries you won't have to do anything technical just "patrol" the posts while you look through the forums assuming that you'd visit each category every day. Once I get a cash function (cash being used for certain forum things that I'll get into about later once the current cash mod for Phpbb3 is updated enough) mods will be payed for their services. If you can figure it out I'll give you the power to ban and warn because like I said you are a just person.

If you want my help, I'm not bothered about being "payed", unless that aint what you mean?

That would be awesome! Would this be one of those websites where you can make a killing of ads and stuff? plzplzplzplzplz.....

And yeah, warnings and bannings would be nice. One thing I like about KI is that they are sort of strict (I wouldn't be) but the result is not too many extinct users and noobs. Tell me what to do!

Uh we could probably figure that out. If I don't have the money to pay for a host and free hosts are as reliable as my AK-47--sometimes it works and a lot of times it fails. Will be firm but not strict. I'll do a 3 strike system the first offense and then you'll have a permanent mark on your record so you get one warning and then you're banned. I'll clear the warnings off every week or, if it becomes a big problem, every month. I will do limited bannings too where people can view only certain forums and they won't be able to post. And then just to be mean only members in general can view any of the forums so that people will be tempted to sign up in order to see everything.

I like KI, but its not my kind of place, all the people there are.. Well, different than on 'ibles, I mean its a good site, but I just aint much for it, not enough new mechs, not enough, "K'Nex innovation" yet there aren't many new mechs I've seen aside from Project Zero, BBSG, and Ooda's new age Gat.

As in (almost) run by the people. Unless I think something is a good idea no matter what or if I already planned to have it when I started, I won't have the power to just do stuff randomly until I know what the public favors. I'll be taking suggestions from you 2--well more like 2/7 but I'll check what you guys want and if a good majority of the people support your suggestion then I'll, add/remove/change it. I won't be able to abuse my power under the rules (trust me on it).

I mean I don't have one public but I have all the plans set. As soon as I have access to another computer I'll start on it.

I'm going to use PhpBB3 which is what KI uses (although they don't really bring to full use its features) it's just the one I have the most experience with including adding mods for features to.

nah, we already have KI. We dont need another forum.

Thing people need to understand is just because it's a forum doesn't mean it's exactly the same as all the others. Does this forum look like KI? Did KI attract all of the knexers? I'm going to try to get everyone that didn't like KI. Trust me it'll be better for them.

Hmmm... I will try it if/when it goes up... I find that at KI It is kinda hard to post picttures

yes please do knex innovation is so OVER RATED

HARSH!!! XD But I don't think we would need it, Thanks anyway.