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knex gun help? Answered

Hey everybody I need new knex gun ideas

What type should i try to make single shot , semi-auto , auto
What base of gun pistol, sniper, etc.
What kind of firing mechanism
What kind of ammo green rod blue rod ect.


we need more auto's that are not barrel-per-shot.

Well I'm still working on the rb mechanism on my Stg44 and hopefully I can fix it so it doesn't fire in one big burst. But I wish people would realize it's nearly imposible to make a full auto gun that is even half decent.

well, thats not entirly true about the half decent thing, if you use a crank you can get some power. but ya, i hate it to. everyone here expects all the experts like you and me and "I_am_canadian" to be able to make anything that they want. were good but what they don't understand that k'nex guns have there limitations. to get power you have to take away from something else. and to get faster shots you have to take away from power. i could easly make baconbits machine gun make dents in cardboard(though it might take about an hour to assemble the thing). it work i have no dout, but people would still not like it because it shoot like 1 shot per min. well, if you put a hammer type thing on the end of your cog wheel so it pushes down the on the cog that might slow down the rate it releases the rubber bands and make the gun fire.

yeah and even then the crank still doesn't give you a lot of power. I tried the hammer idea a long time ago but it just doesnt slow it down. If you make it too weak it makes no difference. If you make it too strong then it usually just gets ripped off. There is so much torque from all the rubberbands that it is just impossible to control it. By the way do you have any idea what I should make? I've been driven mad today because I can't think of anything to make. I've played with some designs but nothing pleases me.

hmm, what to make... what about a... a... um... semi-auto guess. i can't think of anything.' o wait i have one!!!! what about a cannon, or a life-size catapult.

I'm mainly into make holdable guns but I'm most likely going to try something new in a little bit but that doesn't matter because I just finished the base design for my new weapon! OK well I didn't want to reveal too much before I got pictures of my final version but basically I made a crank work a gear that holds the rubberbands. The only problem is it makes it inaccurate because you're fighting to stop the crank from turning until you want it to and when you do you have to do it steadily or you'll unleash a wave of rubberbands. It is set up to shoot knex I just havn't tested that yet. I also don't know how i should make it look I just have the base for it. I'm hoping to find out a way to help control the crank but it works a lot better than my Stg44.

i got it!!!!!! hook up the cog wheel to first and second stage blockers. then make a trigger so it is semi-auto. then just hook up the crank so it has a gear that just keeps hitting the trigger to make it fire full-auto. that should make the firing controllable. and would make loading easier(i can not imagine that the way you have it hooked up it is easy to load.) i hope this helps :-)

hmm...not bad. I'll see if I can figure out how to set that up. And yeah it requires two hands to load. You basically keep one on the crank and one loading the rubber bands while the gun is in your lap.

sorry for the double reply but I think I may finally have an idea! Well it probably has already been made but I havn't seen any. I don't want to spoil it so I'm going to get right to work. With any luck I'll have pictures tonight and will get it posted later this week if it turns out well.

I think we need a machine gun in pistol form. have a go at that.

hey your mp5 inspired me to make one, it is my 2nd knex gun ive ever build, and in my opinion i think ive done a good job, so this is the gun. it has a fully functional curved mag that works PERFECTLY it took me three hours to make the mag but it was worth it , a low friction barrel for maximym power and a true trigger, very stable gun. should i post? do you like it?

Picture 1.jpg