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knex gun mag help? Answered

first of is there a good guide to knex gun mags and all the different types

i have trouble getting the mag to be the right size for the ammo and it is either too big or too small



Best Answer 5 years ago

Well a knex magazine depends a lot on the size of the gun and how you prefer your magazine to be held in place. So what is the approximate size of your gun? Do you plan to use a friction held magazine like The Red Book of Westmarch or maybe a mag locked one like the connector magazine in my Competitor IV? If you can answer some of these questions I can help you design a magazine and even mag well/mag lock to hold it in.

nerfrocketeer suggested that I help you out, so here I am. =D Why don't contact me on my OB (Orange Board... A.K.K. my front page, send me a PM, whatever you want to do) and give me some pics of what you are having problems with, and I'll do my best to help you out. =D


5 years ago

You can do any of the following things to solve your problem:

-Ask your question again in the specialized K'nex forums, here.

-Ask expert members like The Red Book of Westmarch