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knex gun with new loading system Answered

well i just bought a nerf rifle and was looking at the mecanisem inside it. i saw that is should be able to make it with knex. i just need to find some way to make a shell. tell me ideas. p.s. lol they added a knex categorie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have this great idea for it but I am going to test it out before I say anyhthing else.

i have a shell it requires braking peices

you brake all notches off a white conecter and put them ona blue rod with something to keep it on

yea, i had that idea, but i did not want to break my pieces.i made a verson by wraping tape around the outside of a pen, the tape made it fit into the breach, and the rod fit into the pen. i never ended up making the gun, but i wish i did.

I have a NEW COOL!!!! mag system its just like a real gun you can interchange than and the bullets wont fall out the top because the to is covered the new mug also has a mag release switch but......Its on the M1 garand and I can't post that know because I working on the lancer

lol knex catergory yay!

yea. there is finaly enough simple block triggers made to need a seprate catergory for them. p.s. i thought you left.

i don't like Knex very much but do you mean a shell like shape, those connector things that look like sunflowers with a rod in every connection would make one, or use any type of rod to create the walls of a shell, If I understand what you mean. Or do you mean a shell for the mechanisms to go in to? If so a sten gun would be pretty funky...

no i mean i coulduse different peaces like wheels. and the shell is needed to hold the ammo. you see the mec chambers the ammo and shell away from the rest of the ammo and shells. the shell lets the ammo fit snug in the chamber but not have much friction when being shot out of the shell.

Ah right so you need a shell to hold what I assume to be a knex rod (remember I don't do knex), in that case does it have to be made of knex? if not you could use actual shell casings for coolness, 7.62mm would be bigger than a rod I think.. then crimp with pliers. If you wanted one that was connectable, maybe those circle shapes with a hole for the rod in the middle...

i could try duct tape.i dotn have real shell casings. duct tape is probely my best bet because it insures a snug fit but will also fit snug on the barrel(a real shell casing might not fit in the barrel)

Yeah that was just one of those Ideas I was reminded of my old sniper rifle it was a pellet gun that used plastic shells based on ones that I had, it ejected them from the breech and all... Yeah that or something convenient from packaging is always a good bet, you get bullet belts at loads of shops for whatever reason, I have several uses for them coming up...

man that sniper rifle sounds cool!! i have loads of duct tape and i can custom fit it to the barrel and bullet so it should work great. now i just need to make the gun and mag!! this is going to be easy!!! lol.

I suppose the system could have some other applications other than Knex, I've recently been scouring the knex guns for part of a project on a much grander scale so I'll be interested to see this...

cool!i have seen some cool systems with knex guns(though you will see there are a lot of "simple block triggers).well i will be sure to post it for you when i am done(i have no idea when that will be)

For the problem cut up some plastic bottles or strong rigid card and cover in duct tape, That should hold up nicely... yeah it's the loading mechanisms in specific I'm after but the sheer amount of block triggers is ridiculous. The knex stuff is a good source of ideas though as so many people put so much effort in to the development of new systems...

you should look at some of my older comments. made a list of the blocktrigger guns. theres at least like 100. and the plastic bottles is a good idea. i am going to get to work on it.

yeah I remember your list thing, I wasn't really too bothered since alot of them had different ways of loading which prompted me to have poke through the list...

not really. we decided that the list is going to be for simple block triggers with nothing really special about it. witch not of them that claim that are.

I have no interest at all in the actual firing mechanisms, simply the way the guns are loaded, that's why I was having a good hoke, that said many are basically a modified rubberband gun, which oddly hasn't been made, If I sent you a little design for a rubberband gun would you post it just to get back at the whole must fire a bit of Knex through a small elephant, two pizzas, some drywall and a cardboard box thing...

lol a elephant? any way they have some rpgs. two were just recentely posted.

Oh right I never actually saw them on my travels, I was only going to say about making a simple semi auto pistol anyway... Well you know what I mean, It's a ridiculous power race to see who can make the first knex gun that legally classes as a weapon...

lol. i think the sr-v1 rings the bell at being about to shoot through carbboard at 75 feet away.

actuly i dont care about power to a certon degree(as in i like my guns to have a fair about of power)but i mostly like my guns to have some thing different about them.

also if you click on my name you will see that I posted a semi-auto rbg lol.

I noticed after having another look there lol I did get about half way through making a fearsome RGB out of wood before, fearsom because the correct term was BCG those hooked bungie cords on a gun, The idea was just for fun though... Yeah the SRV-1 appears to be quite the benchmark, can actually see multiple way to make something more powerful but it's just unnecessary, however in case of zombies that sr-v1 could be loaded with crossbow bolts... I'm working hard on buliding my own system but inspiration is needed, it's not knex as I said but everything else on this thing will be different...

darn!! i jsut relised that duct tape wont work! it wont hold up under the pressure of the mag pushing it up.

Yeah, I realized they added a K'nex category this afternoon, I was like WHAT THE HECK? So I made a "test" Instructable, and I realized there was a category... It was pretty funny for a little. K'nex is just so big on this website. Can't wait to see the gun!

the mec inside should be able to be made out of knex with some moding. and popout shell and the mec giving the gun more power is just a bonus.