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knex guns from KI Answered

Hello everybody it has been very cool to build all the different guns here on instructables but i hear of all the different guns that were on KI and i would like to build some of them so that i can improve my knexing skills.

So please if you have a copy of instructions or a link post it here so that i can build some of these KI guns.

Also what was KI like i never got to see it just wondering what it was like.

Thanks for anything you can tell me!        


I'm asking crestind (the admin) if he still has the backups of the site. Haven't heard from him in a long time.

That would be awesome if he did.

Okay thanks it would be great if i could make some of the KI guns and other knex projects! it sounds like there was a lot of cool projects on there.

No, by the time I got interested in knex, KI was already no more. :(

For the most part of its later life, the website itself was dead. There were a handful of regulars that also lurked (and still lurk, they'll fill you in with better details I imagine in a little bit) here, but otherwise talked in an IRC room for the most part. Any new builds they made were often shown to each other there, but instructions weren't always posted. However, the majority of the most important builds were seen and built by people here that visited over there, or sometimes they were so kind as to post pictures here, and we'd make instructions.

So yeah, mostly anything big they made, someone posted instructions for here. That said, I don't exactly know what you're looking for, so if you have an idea, we could give you the name maybe of a weapon. Otherwise I'm sure eventually one of them would be nice enough to list off, maybe show some pictures of their builds.

thanks for all the info.

Here are some guns i would like to make the WASP NAR Mezack swagboss knexsayer and thear are others that i have not seen here that i would like to make


3 years ago

KnexInnovation consisted of mostly guns that you can find on here.