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knex idea Answered

i had a idea i don't know how it would work but what happens is you cock the gun and every time you press the trigger the ram goes up a little bit and fires so you fire like this cock, pull trigger, pull trigger, pull trigger, pull trigger etc


who's the creepy guy in the pic

Why are you hating on him? He's a perfectly nice guy.

I bet he is, but not usually someone says "who's the creepy guy..." And someone replies "me," That's just funny!

It's CJ wielding my OSSR and making funny faces.


8 years ago

The only semi auto mech ever used in a rod shooting gun is the, eh "flipper" mech.

That's not the only one. Ooda's first semi auto pistol (posted on ibles), does not use the hammer mech. "Hammer" is the proper term for what you describe.

flipper mech?

Some kind of auto' then? People have been talking about these for a long time. L

Semi auto from what he said.

No. I have ideas of my own. Double barrel shotgun with new shell design, repeating cannon gun, etc....

well i just came up with it so i posted it

Good luck with making it shoot more then 5 feet.