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knex ideas Answered

Here are some ideas that you can use if you give credit to me. NOTE: use the honor system, if you really did get these ideas by yourself then fine but be honest. Also if anyone wants to start one of these projects with me then send me a pm.

lawn mower--------------i already tried but i failed cause i'm not good with gears :(
full sized fan--------------same not good with gears
rubix cube-----------------may not be possible
TIME MACHINE (jk, but you could try)
dog tennis ball thrower----------my dog is awesome
basketball hoop
gun with gears like an airsoft one
glasses (i think this is already done)
picture frame
jet skii
gum ball machine with tracks for the gum ball (like ball machines)
full sized bike
flamethrower (might need to use other stuff like FIRE YEAH I LOVE FIRE)
bb easy loader for airsoft guns
blowback gun

There you are!


It would melt like what goodhart said

where's the knex football...or the knex viking helmet?

LOL A knex flamethrower.....that would be a "throw away thrower"; use it once and it melts in your hands LOL

Oh sure if you are going to use things OTHER then k'nex along with the plastic pieces.....that's cheating isn't it? ;-)

It would just warm my heart, and burn my hands,,,