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knex k2 Answered

hey i though it was time for a nice assult rifle.this assult rifle is the gas powered 7.mm fully auto /burst/semi k2.the k2 is a korean gun developed in 2004. the high rate of fire from the gun comes from gas.the gas is stored in the from grip part of the gun(youll notice a second barrel thing above the barrel thats where the gas is). my knex version of the k2 is a single shot powered by the ramrod.the mag holds around 10. the range is about 40 ft.the accuracy well not to great but it works pretty good for accuracy within 25ft.if you want me to post just ask and i might if i get enough posts.


lol when i saw this i thought it was a knex mountain

I am pretty sure a K2 is a Korean rifle.

thanks but the body and stock need seriouse work...

cool I relay like just I don't like the end bit of the stock rest looks great keep up with the good building!!! 4.5!!!