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knex large gun help Answered

problem-i am building a large knex bazooka that needs a customized firing system. it needs to hold on to the projectile with some sort of fingers, which are to release when triggered from the rear of the holder, and the holder needs to ride in the rails of the gun, and it needs to be able to attach to a length of string. operation is-latch projectile in claws, pull both claw and projectile into barrel, pull to rear of barrel, stop motor, pull trigger, which through a series of levers will push to release on the back of the claw, launching the projectile. can anyone create such a claw as im stuck. ive got the gun, motor, gears, and projectiles, but i need some claw befor i build the trigger so they'll be compatible.


try moding some of the knex claws on the site. that might work.

i have the motor laid out finally along with the string guide.

Sounds complicated, but your idea is possible.


10 years ago

that was a little hard to follow... please put up pics

ill put up sum picts of the gun and a paint idea for the claw. that be better?