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knex model instructions, please I would like to know how to build a knex saw machine gun, or basicly any knex gun model? Answered

i would like to know how to build knex gun models, such as saw machine gun(i dont know the whole name)the most, smg, rifle, or lmg with good details and it doesnt have to shoot .plz, i would enjoy instructions.



7 years ago

there are many great knex inventors like killerK and i am canadian whos designs you can make. i also have some good guns, especially pistols. if you are asking how to invent guns, start off build other people's to get a feel for it. you should start inventing with simple 3 layer guns, probably pistols. and if you feel like you should continue, you can move into more advanced guns. if you are looking to build a machine gun, there are hardly any options that are not barrel-per-bullet which are not powerful of convenient, but some pretty good ones are https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Machine-Gun_1/and https://www.instructables.com/id/New-K-nex-Machine-Gun-Type/ 


8 years ago

Why are there so many knex questions. I thought the whole point of them was to be creative and make your own models. My advice, find a picture of a gun and wing it.