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knex motor torque? Answered

i got a knex motor at goodwill and it has the worst torque it can not make a car go our do any thing use full is there a way to fix it. i do not mean using gears to bring up the torque the motor is silver. it just slips on the rod and will not turn it under pressure  


Which shaft are you talking about? The motor shaft itself that is slipping on the gear or the knex shaft you snap into hole in the side of the motor housing.

If it's the knex shaft the teeth inside that hole that grip the knex piece are likely worn down. Not that they have a lot of gripping power to start with. Not much you can do to fix it i'm afraid.


3 years ago

Goodwill is a first clue, probably well worn and the armature brushes may be failing to transfer the current to the armature which explains low torque.

Slipping shafts need precision superglue..

Good Luck !

thanks but the motor keeps going and it slips around the knex rod it does not grip the rod good.