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knex new loading system Answered

hi i invented a whole new bullet stocking and loading system if anyone is interested i can post it but remeber its a prototype and its not connected to a gun yet



10 years ago

post it and we'll tell you what we think ... noob

Post pictures here first and then post an ible.

well you guys probeably all know an mp40 loading system wel i tried to copy it and i als tell you its just the oading system and its a prototype its not fullyworking yet maybe a more clevver porson then me can mak it work with even a pumping system :D but i'm stil checking it out :p ps : sorry for the bad pictures but have no better camera at home


yes lool
i fugured its a P-90
sorry for the misunderstanding
it doesn't load axactly the same as an P-90 but it was just the tougt of the bullets placed behind each other insted of on top of each other

Oh, behind each other you say? I was doing that for my semi-auto, but with a removable clip.

I am trying that too with my Famas but I can't get it to work in the small space I have.

I'm confusitated.

what does confusitated means ??

My version of "confused"...

and why are yopu confused ??:s i know the pics arn't that good but you should be able to get hos the system works :s

sorry then :s got no better camera but it works :D thats the bestthing :D


10 years ago

post it

need 3 more replies else i wont even bother being joked at :D

Are you sure it's new?

i'm very sure it has never been done before but it needs some more mods its not totaly finisched