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knex pistol contest Answered

well, there are literally thousands of sidearms out there, all made from knex. All have fallen to two categories: have not built yet and built. I'm seriously tired of knex guns that have a lack of function and too much good looks. and so, I would like to declare a contest. there are three main areas for scoring criteria: 1) function 2) size 3) broken pieces I am asking this great community to pull together and create something awesome. all entries should: > have a satisfying feel when the firing pin first slides home and the shot leaves the barrel. > feel/ look like a traditional side arm > have an innovative feature: IE, removable clips > not use broken pieces > be efficient. I don't want to be pulling the firing ram back with 20 pounds of force. scince people will continually argue over their gun's position, I will judge. I will also not submit anything. If you think you built a knex gun that meets these suggestions (and maybe smashes them), feel free to: < make an instructable with good/ amazing clarity of instructions < make the instructable sound like you care < post the instructable as a link in reply. thank you, and good luck. I'm sort of like the Simon Cowell of knex judging. hard to please. contest has opened now. contest will close on march 31, 12:00 AM.


Okay... this really sucked. I was expecting more... submissions. No, I was not going to choose the contestants! it was up to the people who wanted their innovation to be recognised! Well, Congrats, TheDunkis. You won, without contest. you will receive the... prize... eventually. crap. I really am disappointed. And I even asked for publicity more than once.

10 days remaining... get designs in, or the TDS2 will win uncontested. please spread word, because I sure as heck didn't write such a huge blurb about this for nothing.

Grr posers trying to move up on the TDS2's postion. I would suggest that but I don't know if you really consider anything innovative enough about it. Of course IaC's spiff will win unless you're going for like handle fed.

okay, judging by your acronym's meaning, I'll include the TDS2. laC will need to submit the spiff if they want it included. and the winners will recieve bragging rights with images to include into their instructables.

Might as well not. People are getting mad at me now.

We offer witness protection services... it's in, and can't be removed until somebody comes along and posts a real complaint.

Grr posers trying to move up on the TDS2's postion.


well, there are literally thousands of sidearms out there
It just used to be loosewire's, dsman's, and mine along with a couple others that we might not have consider. Then others started building their own, most not being anything more than a TDS mod like trauts' glock. I thought it was cool but now it's just annoying.


9 years ago

I like the rules, can't wait to see the outcome :)

Well, here is the first new contest in a while