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knex singe shot gun Answered

well i inpfooved the range and power of my gun and a litle bit of its apearence its stil a single shot gun but i have a new way of reloading but it is petty cool i think :D but it has to be improved couse the bullets get stuck to often so i would like to post that to if anyone can help me to make it better thx and please coment the gun



Nice Pink Floyd poster. Nice gun too. but I am just saying that you probably don't want to use foul language on Instructables because that is a chance of getting banned.

you mean the "sh*t" that wasn't on purpose :s got a tic that i always do that als o with play i chanche into "paly" your a fan of Pink Floyd ??

Just edit the topic...

It's still in the body of the topic. +P

thx fo showing me at my floughts but how do you like the gun ??

Okay, that made NO SENSE, but yes, I am a fan of Pink Floyd. My dad got me into them. They're cool. :-)