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knex spas 12 shotgun Answered

spas 12 shotgun, doesn't shoot very far (for looks mostly) I would like to thank knexmaster#1 because i got the idea from his Knex M47 Full Stock Shotgun please mod (make sure you say my name though)(cuz' if i see a mod of this shotgun without my name on it i will destroy you)



10 years ago

You should add a hopper.

couldn't be stuffed, if u wonna, go ahead, but should i post

Don't post unless a mag is added (yes it's possible).

Besides, it's just a downgraded version of this.

If you really want to post it as-is, go ahead. just be prepared to get flamed.

i know i mentioned that it was based on that gun. what is a mag?

and that was a upgrade of the deserteagle pistol. it has the same handle and pump and berral.

the frame is bent at the back.