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batlefield 2142 E.U. tank made with knex. Answered

her is a tank that can go forward ,backwards and in circles. post a comment if you like it or want me to post. works best on hard wood floor or bed sheets. the pictures are so bad because I was in a hurry so... sorry. :( 1.front view 2.the behind view 3.the under side this tank was tough to build ,but its sweet.


Awsome job now only if you could make the PAC hover tank...

those are cyber knex moters why cant you make it rc you should have the parts

because I have no I idea how I only got the motors ad stuff no instructions. if you could show me I would like that. only I cut the lights off the big brain thingy for top thrill dragsters lights.

A bit of a status report on the instructable. I've been extremely busy lately with this (rather enjoyable) band program, and now a 3 week vacation. I've been able to use the weekend to catch up a bit, and now it's nearly completed. A few more steps and changes left, but I've run out of time. Expect a finished instructable 3 weeks from now, unless I perfect a newer version and decide to add it.

Bah, I remembered soon after I left, my dad suspended the cable and internet for 30 days, so it will be a week after I get back before I upload everything. Not sure of what date that suspension started from, but I'll get it done as soon as I can. By the way, greetings from Las Vegas (or rather, Nellis Air Force Base) lol.

ok thanks lol yeah speaking of finishing long lost instructables I finished my bike ramp instructable.

I am also making a knex tank nice idea mine is similar but also different


10 years ago

Use a different kind of trackbelt and it would catch really well on things like carpet and grass/outdoors. Still be just as good/crap as it is at the moment on hard surfaces.

I've had some major delays, like a research paper, finals, and an upcoming Regents exam. But after this Tuesday school is out, and I'll have plenty of time to work on the instructable. I hope no one was waiting too anxiously for it, if they couldn't make it from the pictures...

I don't think many were wanting to build it to much because no one has the motors I used.

Neither do I, but I used an ordinary k'nex motor. It goes forward over stuff nicely, and can get over a 1 inch or so vertical climb. It's just a bit slow. Still, the design is great.

ok you should make 3 different ways to do it : make a version so you can use on of the knex motors. Make a version so you can use 2 knex motors. Than make on where you can use 3 motors ,two for the wheels ,and one for the turret.

The version with 2 motors looks simple enough. But for the 3 motor one, I think I'll need a picture of the motor you used, just to make sure nothing gets in the way of it. Oh, and is there a controller for it like the 2 motors in the back?

yeah because I used the Cyber knex so I have the motor that uses 2 AA's for two motors. Another that uses 2 AA's for one motor. I used the one motor for the turning top and the two for the forward and backward. Witch I shouldn't have done because it is hard to make it turn that way.

hi burrito master i was wandering were you got those motors can i buy them from u

no! lol I love these motors and I'm still rewiring them to have 4 ft cords. now where you can get them is one Ebay type in knex cyber ultra or knex cyber

its not I bought mine for $24.00 you have to get them off the people that don't know what it was from and think its just a cruddy knex motor.

I have some pics of the tank i built. It doesn't look as good due to a lack of metallic pieces used elsewhere. Ignore the back of the turret. I was experimenting with some stuff, and the one you see puts a lot of stress on the pieces. Let me know if you see anything missing anywhere (but the turret). Err, my bad, accidentally deleted this comment. Reposted.


I've continued working on it quite recently. Earlier I had a problem with SketchUp (it was running, but with way too much lag for some reason) but now it's working again. I didn't feel like taking the tank apart, so it's been a long waste of time. I'm nearly finished with the model. After that is just getting screenshots and typing instructions. I should be able to get it finished within a month, if there aren't too many exams or assignments. While I wasn't able to properly use SketchUp for a while, I decided to build the Park 52, although I broke my 3 good rubber bands between Mepain's rifle and the Park 52... And if you're wondering, my supposed gun didn't turn out too well. First I managed to make a good retractable stock and barrel, and it looked like I could make quite an accurate gun which would look like a P90. The problem was that the block trigger had to be in front of the bullet, so some of the rubber band's power is wasted in pulling the firing pin far back enough to get the bullet in front, so the range wouldn't be too good.

ok good I was just wondering if you were continuing because mad cat wanted to know glad you liked the park 52. yeah thats the bad part about knex guns they don't always work, I hate when that happens.

Well, if he wants, we could post it as a collaboration. I'll upload the SketchUp file when it's finished...

Ok, nice! I don't see any thing missing except that it uses two motors on the back so you can make it turn. they would still be red rods but I think that yellow ones work too. I also see that you added some parts to make it stronger good. its all fine the way it is now thats postable.

Yea, two of those motors might be hard to maneuver, turning it off and on. But with the controller you have, you have to crawl behind it, so I guess it doesn't matter. That reminded me, the motor for the turret is missing. Can you get a picture of just the motor alone? And, err, how exactly do you control the turret? By the way, I'm still modeling the tank to make it easier to make instructions. And I can get an accurate part count.


10 years ago

Wow this looks great, I have never seen a tank out of knex like that before :o

looks good, but i wouldent post beause Most people dont have those motors


from the knex roller coaster sets screamin' serpent has a lot so dose the classic knex coaster.

its pretty nice, but 1 Q. R u obsessed with recreating things from Battlefield 2142?

half of them but yeah. I like futuristic stuff a lot better than the guns now in days.

A little question here. Now that I've modeled enough of the tank (after forgetting it for some time, sorry) are those two rows off yellow connectors supposed to be like that? And do they connect anywhere or should I just connect them across with red rods?


um yeah its right in the picture you have to use yellow rods not red thats all fine.

Okay, thanks. I might put red rods on the diagonals for fun. By the way, without the rods, I had this thing drive off a table and fall 1.5 feet, without breaking or anything. I see more rigorous tests after the rods are put on. Muahahaha.