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knex trailer. Answered

Hey guys, im am not a huge fan of knex, but i decided to use my collection for this build i'm doing.  I am working on a Logging trailer for my RC car.  I have the knex hock up for the car itself and it is very strong.  I didnt even have to glue it or anything (I was pretty proud, haha) anyway, I build a strong frame for the trailer, but when too much force is applied the stick pieces come apart from the connector pieces.  I had idea to inertwine sting in between all of the pieces to keep its shape, but I wanted to know if anyone else had any other ideas. Thanks 

P.S.= if it is needed to get a better idea, I can try and post pictures of the trailer.  


That would be awesome. BTW the lighter the better.

Actually I'm going to post a video to youtube and then maybe explain it. You can probably expect it within an hour as I am doing homework (and checking my phone).

could i post it before 730 tonight. i wont have internet until next week after tonight. thansk

the pictures aren't so great, but here they are


Tomorrow I will build a little thing to show you a little bit more structured way to do that.


3 years ago

You sould post pictures so we know what we are dealing with.

OK, i will do that as soon as I get home.