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knex vaccum Answered

Hey I've been wondering on making something to organize and clean my knex all over the floor without picking everything up and crawling on my knees. I have a idea about a vaccum but i'm not sure if it might even work. I was thinking on making a turning thing that scoops up knex without all that dust since I have allergies... sadly.



If you made the structure of a scooper, and then wrapped it with duct tape, then it would effectively work as a dust shovel.
You could make that, and then add a grabber mechanism to it so that it
you could operate it without bending down, or getting close to the dust.

A lego picker upper would work but I don't know if you could make it out of knex.

I had an idea for one. Ima go try it out.

a vaccum made out of pure knex would be impossible, knex has a ton of holes in it, and knex doesnt make a fan.

Shop vac with the hose modified to admit large parts and the inside filter taken out, methinks...

Oh but is there a way to make a 100% knex vaccum .

i made a vacuum from 99% knex before. It required a modified part , some tape , and a bag .