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knex vehicle contest Answered

i am doing a contest  for all who love to make cars. there will be 5 challenges. one a week and you have until the tenth to reply so get a hold of asap. but it entry have to be knex .  

round one: make a muscle truck or car or a hot rod


how do we sign up because i want to do it

just reply to me on this and i will make a list for eneryone to join.
and u r the first on the list.

btw if you dont mind could you vote for my mini (slideshow) and / or convertible (slideshow) in the 'i made it photo contest' please thankyou ^_^

if we win but i am not saying i will but what do we win

nothing ,except that u beat over of us and u r the best car builder in instructables

Im in on your contest, if its still going lol check out my newest slideshow. i think the truck sucks but whatever. :D

sorry guys i have been busy with homework
ok, round one ends on saturday so post them today!

it has been a week

so what are we going to build

how about a pick up truck that looks like a muscle car

it got to be a muscle truck 1934s -1970s truck , well it can a hot rod or a muscle car,well just ask me

thank you i am going to pictures on because i am done


SOrry, but I dont think many people are going to enter. ehicles arent exactly a favourite when it comes to competitions, unless there is a prize to offer.

And if you are judging the contest, you cant enter it.

i am going to be posting the fist challenge on the 5th so once you are add to my list u start building .and yes i am going to be in it .

here is the teaser: your car better have street tires