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ksc oodammo gun reveiw Answered

Gun reveiw scale from 1-10 Power-10 range-20(i got 135 feet in range.) stability-7 (hand guard is a bit unstable but thats it) ease of use-10 parts-9(use quite a few ys for the size it is) ease of building-10( its straight forward and easy) capacity-10(it holds 20 and never jams) damage-10(the ammo is blunt and goes threw 3 layers of cardboard powered witha bungie cord) overall-9.5 very recomendable


Two things; 20/10? If it's that good, give it 10. And 135 feet? That's unheard of with Oodammo. It would never happen. I have build every Oodammo pistol so far and the furthest one (BBSA) shot 65 feet.

well have you tried it no so um yeah when youve tried then tell me im wrong

my rectangle with 8 64#s doesnt even shoot 100

Ever try my oodammo slingshot?

Oodammo pistol. And no, I have been working on something big recently.

135 feet is impossible for a gun like this, considering the mag friction. The damage seems improbable as well despite the fact you used a bungie cord.

i got over 100 with it!!!! i have it in my hand right now lol!!

mabey a 30 degree angle at most i had 3 #64s on fully streched