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laptop charger, please help fast! Answered

im going on a plane trip on the 11th and there isn't a place to charge my laptop on the plane and im sure my battery will die. i need a portable way to charge my laptop on the plane, i was thinking of like something with a 9v batter with a dc to ac inverter to step it up to 120VAC but iv'e never used an inverter for a project so i need a schematic or something, please help me!  


You sure you can't charge on the plane ? All teh ones I've been on recently have a locker where you can charge up, or even a socket on the seat.

oh, well i asked my mom and she said they dont but thats good to know and even if they didnt i figured out another solution, i could make a small 12v battery and hook it up to one of thes car charger things to plug in my laptop but thanks

There's also a laptop seat power provision that gives DC I think too, you need to buy a special cable.

Depending on the power requirements of the laptop you would probably be better off without the inverter and just providing power directly to the laptop (i.e. if your laptop's power supply is actually giving it 9 volts then running a 9 volt battery to an inverter to get it up to 125VAC just to plug in a power supply that is going to drop it back down to 9VDC isn't the best plan). In any event, the inverter is a waste, you won't be able to carry on a battery large enough to power an inverter for more than a couple of minutes. In some cases there are also limits on what kinds of batteries you can carry on, for example... * You cannot carry on large lithium metal batteries * You cannot carry on large lithium-ion batteries * You can only carry on 3 "medium" lithium-ion batteries See http://safetravel.dot.gov/quick_chart.html

the laptop used 18.5v and i wanted to plug in my power cord to it but i gues that would be kinda dangerous wouldn't it