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laptop graphics card, custom heatsink or other compatible heatsink? Answered

OK, I have a Dell XPS M1710 that has an overheating issue.  I have done the oven re-flow around six times and it works, but it will eventually keep dying.  I'm afraid that the card has finally come to its end but I'm willing to give it one last attempt.  

I'm going to attempt to convert the laptop into somewhat of a desktop.  I'm going to get a large heatsink for the CPU and hopefully find one that will fit the graphics card.  I'm hoping that with better cooling the graphics card will stop going out on me.  

I have found a heatsink that i believe will work for the CPU but I'm not exactly sure I can find one for the graphics card.  I'm not even sure if it's possible.  If it is, that would be awesome if anyone could find one.  If there isn't, however, does anyone know another option?  Maybe, 3D print an adapter and connect it to a heatsink and then throw a fan on it?  Any suggestions? 

The problem I have is that the screw holes on the graphics card are in a rectangle rather than a square.  I'll try to provide pictures to show what I mean.  If you need anymore I can get those to you.



Best Answer 5 years ago

The heatsync it has is fine. You just need to improve airflow acorss it.


5 years ago

I agree with mpilchfamily that improved airflow will probably correct the problem. A couple of years ago my son had an old Dell laptop that would get so hot you couldn't use it sitting across your thighs. I cured the problem by chopping some holes in the case under where the HDD, CPU and graphics card were located and then epoxying some perforated sheet metal over the holes. It was ugly but it solved the overheating problem.