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large ice box project - which framing materials? Answered

which framing materials are ok for a very sturdy box- that is able to withstand regular movement and 'rough handling'? metal or aluminum? the box i have in mind will be about 4ft by 4ft by 4ft. i.e. 4ft cube. Also, in view of the size, i plan to have the box move on wheels or suitable castors. the core material for all the sides, bottom and lid will be extruded polystyrene([pink or blue board)- 3 inch thick. will this thickness be adequate in view of the size?


Aluminium IS metal.....

How heavy will the ice content be ?

Is this thing to be handled by one person, two, three ? By hoist ?

it will usually be transported empty without any ice. the ice bars will be loaded at the 'location of use'. any lighter and sturdy framing material?
many thanks

I'd use WBP grade plywood. around the insulation, and I'd put 50mm x 50 mm aluminium angle over all the edges.

Keep it light, strong and knock proof. A few layers of varnish INSIDE will help stop moulds and other nasties./

When you say Ice box do you mean a chest like freezer or an insulated box to hold ice with possible ice maker on top?

The big factor here is how much weight you expect this thing to carry.