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large range!! Answered

I just made a gun with a 10 bullet magazine that shoot's 72.1784778 feet!!!!!!!!!!!!! with four rubberbands!!!!!! I think it can hold more but I haven't tried yet. What I wanted to know is how to make a good measurement system for proving range, I would appreciate if someone could tell me. (Also I told people my oodammo sniper shot 90 feet, this was a mistake, I thought a meter was 4.5 feet).

I will soon post a video proving the (unangled) range.
Edit: I will not post the video since there is so little interest



8 years ago

Kinetic's VICE CKG gets 80 FT range for me.
And I'm using 2 #117 rubber bands!

oh, maybe I'm mistaking, were can I find the ible

There is none. I just built it from a forum topic.
Just search Kinetic (it's on the second page).

Average distance for the amount of bands in all honesty.

Do you know a mag fed gun that fires any further than 70 feet then?

also, they are only 4, that's not so much.

 The Tankbow can get over 100. And its pump action. LOL

But the tankbow is a slingshot/crossbow, as opposed to a ram gun.

 Well quoting him Mr muggle said
"Do you know a mag fed gun that fires any further than 70 feet then?"
He never said anything about a ram! LOLZ

Im just so happy to have won my first argument EVER against Dj Radio!!!! 

ZKAR, MeZak, AR4-v3, yes. There are some.

"+50 ft."

So, in other words, fifty feet or more. Mine gets like 65-80, depending on wind, if the bands are worn, etcetera.

ok, But I never said this is the best gun ever. I just told people the range....

You said: "Do you know a mag fed gun that fires any further than 70 feet then?".
We answered you.

yeah ok, I shouldn't have said that

I get 50 feet with 2 bands.  With 4 it goes over 70.

Yeah, It's a great gun, just like the AR4 v3, I'm not saying this gun is better, I just told people the range

mezak shoots 60 feet +
zkar shoots 50 feet +
AR4 v3 might shoot above 70 feet but nobody ever told/ showed a range as far as I know

That's ZKAR. ZBA shoots much further.

ok, I guess it could indeed do a lot more than 50+ feet, since there's no mag friction.

Mezak has the capability to go over 70.
ZKAR v2 shoots 50 with 2 bands.  4 bands gets it over 70.
AR-4 gets same ranges as ZKAR v2, maybe slightly better because its a tube design.  But that's a difference of a few feet lol.

that zkar shoots really damn hard......

ZKAR and AR4 v3 both fire at least 70 feet with 4 bands.

Wrong ZKAR.  That's the first one.  I get 50 from the second version with 2 bands.  Put 4 on and you get over 70.

Yeah, on my ZKAR, I have 1 big (toy)slingshot band, and I get 400 feet with that!

No way that could happen man.

Possibly.  Or he's being sarcastic, which I find pointless.

Sorry, I meant 40 feet, typo.

It's an oodast on a rectangle :P

Is that an oodammo mag? Also, will you P0$T?

1: yes it is
2: If I get a high rating on the video which I'm working on

Wow, does it really shoot exaclly 72.1784778 feet? That would be funny if it did. It looks like a nice gun. I have not made it though but I might.