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laser? Answered

I heard a laser could shut down cameras. How do I know if one is used on my cameras to protect my house.



Thank you zerogx!, I will look for this. Also I just have total Black screens, do you know what would cause this? Thank you,

i guarantee that no-one is smart enough to do that to your cameras

shut down no blind yes. you know when ou go into vons and they hav that seurity camera saying that this is under survalence... just shine a laser in there and from then to when you turn it off will be unable to detect any thing but red. sry bout spelling. i am answering at night so i am tired.

Thank you for your reply miiwii3! What can I do to protect my Home. Is there anything I can do to stop the laser shining on my cameras. I feel like I'm locked up in my home , afraid to leave it. When I am home the cameras work. But when I leave the house, they don't work. I need help! Thank you.